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[Welcome] Joint Announcement of Faculty Positions in Information Security 2022-12-31
Announcement Date:2022-06-29
Announcement Period:2022-04-29~2022-12-31

Joint Announcement of Faculty Positions in Information Security

Department of Electrical Engineering & Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering

National Taiwan University

As part of the national policy to promote information technology and strengthen information security education, the NTUEE and the GIEE invite applications for the following faculty openings at all ranks (Professor, Associate Professor, and Assistant Professor):

One NTUEE opening in, but not limited to, the following areas:

Malware analysis, network security, IoT security, secure software and testing, secure coding, image forensics, and cyber-physical security.

One GIEE opening in, but not limited to, the following areas:

Hardware security device and circuit (physically unclonable function / true random number generator), dependable and trusted hardware architecture, post-quantum and lightweight cryptographic system, physical attack method and countermeasure, and design and verification methodology for secure system.

Under the enhancing information security faculty and flexible wage program, the employment will be offered with base salary set forth by the Ministry of Education, plus up to 1.2 million NTD additional pay per year until December 31st, 2024. Additional merit pay may include grants from the 2030 Cross-Generation Young Scholars Program, the Einstein Program, and the Columbus Program of the Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST), grants from the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship, grants from industrial projects, etc. Further information is available in the NTU Faculty Handbook (http://event.ntu.edu.tw/facultyhandbook/en/about-ntu/).

Candidates should send the required materials to Chairman Wu at wucc@ntu.edu.tw as soon as possible. All applications will be reviewed upon receipt until the posts are filled. The employment starting date shall align with the academic semester schedule (Feb. 1 or Aug. 1), with the earliest possible date being Feb. 1, 2022.

Required materials:

1.   Cover letter, including your interested institute, research areas, and expected on-board date

2.   CV, along with a full publication list and a teaching and research plan

3.   Up to 5 recent publications (consisting of major publications within the recent five years and additional publications within the recent seven years)

4.   Two or more reference letters (separately emailed to wucc@ntu.edu.tw by the referees)

5.   Ph.D. degree certificate (or an original certificate of expected graduation)

6.   Undergraduate and graduate transcripts.

Contact information:

Prof. Chung-Chih Wu, Chairman of NTUEE

Email: wucc@ntu.edu.tw

Telephone:+886 2 33663700 ext. 123

Fax:+886 2 23671909


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