Faculty Recruiting
Title End Date
Faculty Position Opening, Graduate School of Advanced Technology,National Taiwan University 2023-06-15
Announcement Date:2023-04-26
Announcement Period:2023-04-26~2023-06-15

National Taiwan University

Graduate School of Advanced Technology

Faculty Position Opening

We are searching for global talents to join us and inviting applications for the following positions:

Program: Integrated Circuit Design and Automation

Specialties: Integrated circuit system design and design automation pertaining (but not limited) to next-generation communication, artificial intelligence, embedded processor/memory, HW security, quantum computing, ultra-low-power computing and sensor, 2.5/3D heterogeneous integration, and advanced fabrication technology

Program: Semiconductor Devices, Materials, and Hetero-integration

Specialties: Next-generation transistor and memory device technology, 3D integrated circuit and hetero-integration, novel semiconductor material growth and characterization, key components and materials for quantum computing and quantum communication, device and process integration for advanced technology node, emerging semiconductor-related technology

Program: Nanoengineering and Nanoscience


[Theoretical Simulation]

1)   Digital predictive process models (digital twins) in semiconductor engineering

2)   Multi-scale simulation or multi-physics modeling of semiconductor devices

3)   Electronic and structural properties of surfaces and interfaces in low-dimensional semiconductors

4)   Computational materials physics

[Engineering and Science of Semiconductor Nano Devices]

1)   Low-dimensional (including one-dimensional or two-dimensional) semiconductor materials

2)   Manufacturing process, application, and precision measurement of semiconductor nano          devices

l   Qualification:

1.   Applicants must possess a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering, computer science, material, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, or other related fields

2.   Ability to use English as a medium of instruction

3.   International cooperation or industry experience preferred

l   Position: Full-time Assistant Professor or above

l   Date of Appointment: February 1, 2024 (tentative)

l   Required Documents:

1.   Cover letter

2.   CV, including publication lists, teaching plans, and research plans

3.   Ph.D. dissertation and publications/academic works in the last five years

4.   At least three letters of recommendation (signed by referees and directly sent by email or mail)

5.   A photocopy of Ph.D. diploma (For those who possess a degree outside Taiwan, the degree and transcript have to be verified by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office; for those who are going to obtain the doctoral degree, the provisional certificate is required as a proof)

l   Note:

1.   Those who pass the preliminary review are required to hand in five copies of the external review works/publications, including catalog of works/publications submitted for reviewco-authorship statement of representative publication and send by mail or email.

2.   We will contact the applicant to give the lectures by phone or email (Information will be announced until further notice).

l   Deadline: June 15, 2023 (either hard copy or soft copy)

1.       Send to the following address by registered mail (subject to the date as postmarked)

Graduate School of Advanced Technology

National Taiwan University
Room 112, MK Innovation Hall, No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei City 106319, Taiwan


2.       Or send the soft copy in PDF to shihyun@ntu.edu.tw【Email Subject: Application for GSAT Full-Time Faculty Position- NAME】

l   Contact: Ms. Lin at shihyun@ntu.edu.tw

l   Website: https://gsat.ntu.edu.tw


Salaries and Benefits information available upon request.

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